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Gold Collar Careers

Encourage Your Students

Why encourage your students to consider a career in manufacturing?

  • Help students find work they love and that is meaningful to them. The wide variety of roles in manufacturing help bring out their talents in creativity, problem solving, teamwork and more and lead to rewarding work experiences.
  • Careers in manufacturing pay well. Many manufacturers offer tuition reimbursement and immediate benefits making manufacturing a great place to earn a living.
  • Employers need talented individuals to bridge the skills gap as older employees retire and as new technologies are introduced every day.
  • Manufacturing is a great option for hands-on learners. Students with science, technology and math aptitude that like to tinker and make things are perfect for a career in manufacturing.
  • There is room to grow – there are excellent advancement opportunities in manufacturing.
  • Modern manufacturing operations are not dirty – robotics, automation, technology and clean environments make up the manufacturing operations today.

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